Executive Head Teacher: Mrs S McCallum | Head Teacher: Mrs Sara McCallum | School Contact: Mrs A Bates

Lingdale Primary

"Working together to be the best that we can be."

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Expectations and Values

At Lingdale, we promote the development of positive attitudes to learning in everything we do and have the highest expectations in regard to safety and behaviour in and around school. Together we have developed a clear set of rules as promises, to ensure expectations are well communicated and understood by staff, children and parents. Good behaviour is the responsibility of everyone at Lingdale. 

At Lingdale we have three promises:

  • Be safe
  • Be ready
  • Be respectful

Our three promises have been developed with staff and children and are at the heart of our culture of high expectations and displayed in key areas around the school.  Everyone who is part of the Lingdale school family has pledged to keep to these three promises. As a result, everyone is happy, safe and committed to being the best that they can be at all times.

In addition to our high expectations, we are developing strong values together; to foster mutual respect between all of our relationships and to help children grow and evolve into well rounded individuals and good citizens for the future.  To support this, we have citizen awards for respectful behaviour, inside and outside of school which impacts on how our children behave in the community.  Our strong values have been established from working closely with our children, developing systems to promote positive relationships and from working with outside agencies, service providers and other professionals such as the NSPCC, Police and Anti-Social Behaviour. Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of learning are deemed a very important part of a child’s development and education at Lingdale Primary. As a result, we create as many opportunities to promote SMSC along with British values, which are deeply embedded across the curriculum, to develop well rounded individuals.

At Lingdale we do not accept behaviour that is perceived as verbally and physically abusive, humiliating, bullying, racist, sexist or homophobic; this is not acceptable by or towards any child or member of staff or within the wider community.