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Cooperative Trust

The Governing Bodies of the following local primary schools: Badger Hill, Belmont, Chaloner, Galley Hill, Highcliffe, Lingdale, Lockwood, Handale and Whitecliffe, have changed their legal category from community to foundation school; and at the same time have acquired a charitable trust status, to be known as the East Cleveland Learning Trust. This trust, which is a co-operative membership trust, holds each school’s land and assets in trust, in this case with a strong mutual element; to work together as a group of schools to ensure the highest quality teaching and learning experiences to raise standards for all children in East Cleveland.


A Trust School is a local authority maintained school which is supported by a charitable Trust. To become a Trust school, schools must adopt their own foundation eg community schools need to change their category to become a foundation school. This Trust then appoints some of the governors to serve on the school governing body.